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The Savvy at Work Programme teaches new professionals excellent work skills that will provide a foundation for the rest of their careers.
The programme is ideal for graduates or people in their first few years of work.

The programme is appropriate for all work environments (including small and large organisations) and all professions.

Working with people of all ages is critical to success in a multigenerational workplace.
By understanding the perspectives of other generations, employees new to the workplace will be better able to position their ideas and requests in a way that are likely to have positive results.

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New professionals often arrive at the work- place very enthusiastic and with intentions of making a difference. However, often they do not possess the skills or knowledge on how to work effectively with others or know how to get ahead in organizations.

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The learnings and experiences from the work that we do across a range of organisations and industries have inspired the development of the Savvy at Work Programme.

About Us
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