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Savvy at Work Testimonials

The Savvy at Work programme really helped our graduates focus on what they had to do, to take control of their learning and build and manage the relationships in the business to support them. The programme helped each person to build self awareness, reflect on their approach and develop more effective ways of operating. The programme gave the graduates an excellent start to their business life and a strong foundation for engaging in ongoing learning. 

Gregor Kempt, Learning and Development Manager,  Contact Energy


“”The programme you had planned for us was splendid. You have taught us many skills which will benefit us in both working life and personal life. The advice you have given us will benefit me for the rest of my life. The workshop has been a wonderful experience”.         

Engineering Graduate, Power company


I really believe that the Apprentices confidence grew within the day because of some of the tips and learning within your session.  It was pretty cool to see them so buzzed out.   Some of them looked like they wanted to “conquer the world” afterwards… one even saying  “I feel so much more confident now”.   This was due to the things that they practiced and thought about during your session.”     

Apprentice supervisor, Energy sector

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